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T-Fit Testimonials

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Discover the inspiring stories and transformative journeys shared by our incredible community 


I started training with Jason through his rotation classes last November which I found to be incredibly inclusive and informative for someone such as myself who, as a typical runner, was next to a complete novice when it came to strength and conditioning. Following this, I started one-to-one sessions in addition to the classes, which brought not only my fitness on in leaps and bounds but also my confidence with gym equipment and my overall form. Having never previously looked towards strength work to compliment my running, Jason helped guide me through a plan which carefully considered an old niggly Achilles injury and ultimately had me in a fantastic place to run London Marathon in April of this year. I achieved a personal best and ran it in exactly the time I had hoped for, all with amazingly efficient recovery for which I have Jason to thank. Very excited for the future of my fitness journey!


War and Peace Version 1
After 2 years of Bowel Cancer, then major surgery my body was,  physically, a mess. I could hardly walk, couldn’t get up off the floor unaided, had a problem with incontinence as well as osteoporosis and a heart condition with loads of medication every day.  I despaired of improving my health and well being. Then, about 18 months ago , I met Jason. He listened to me and endeavoured to understand my problems.
He created an exercise program suited to my individual needs. Treadmill, static cycling and weight and resistance training. It wasn’t easy, however Jason persevered and wouldn’t take ‘No’ as an answer and adapted routines to suit my needs. I had a goal, I need to fly across the Atlantic for my daughter’s 50th Birthday in 6 months, It is an eight and half hour flight. I had to strengthen my core and do pelvic floor exercises. I did it !!! No wheelchairs involved !! I really enjoyed, and still do, the benefits of Jason’s attention. He really puts his heart and soul into individual needs with great care. My next goal? Travelling to Paris with my 14year old grandson to show him the sights. Lots and lots of walking. I am up to it and working with Jason as often as possible.
I have an ICD ( pacemaker and defibrillator) fitted in my chest. It has been there for nearly 10 years and has not ‘gone off’! The Medics I see, all agree that exercise is good for me and have encouraged to continue the fitness programs Jason devises for me.

Thank heaven for Jason. I am still around, alive and kicking , loving life. I am 79 years old. 


A Fantastic Start at T-Fit
I recently embarked on my fitness journey at T Fit and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew I was in good hands.
First and foremost, Jason, my trainer, is an absolute gem. His knowledge and passion for fitness are evident in every session. He not only knows the ins and outs of exercise physiology but also has a knack for understanding my specific needs and goals. Under his guidance, I’ve experienced a level of personalised attention that is truly commendable.
Jason’s approach to training is nothing short of inspiring. His infectious enthusiasm and positive energy make every session a joy. Starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating, but Jason’s warm and supportive demeanour instantly put me at ease. He’s a master at finding that perfect balance between pushing you to your limits and ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the process.

What sets Jason apart is his exceptional communication skills. He takes the time to explain the purpose behind each exercise, ensuring that I understand the benefits and how they contribute to my overall progress. This educational aspect of his training has empowered me to not only work hard during our sessions but also carry that knowledge into my own workouts.
In just a few short weeks, I’ve seen significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall confidence. It’s clear that Jason’s expertise and personalised approach are making a tangible difference in my fitness journey.
The T Fit facility itself is well-maintained and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The clean and inviting environment provides the perfect backdrop for focused and effective workouts.

In conclusion, my experience at T Fit has been exceptional. The combination of top-notch facilities and Jason’s outstanding training style has made this fitness journey both enjoyable and productive. If you’re looking for a trainer who not only knows their stuff but also makes you feel supported and motivated, I wholeheartedly recommend T Fit and, of course, Jason!


I have been training for many years and with the last 5 being in the Martial Arts industry. Following the recent onset of the Menopause and the subsequent changes in my body I was very lucky to find a number for Jason and requested a consultation with him. I have now been training with him for a number of months and have already noticed huge changes in my strength, stamina, flexibility and body shape. Jason not only demonstrates exceptional fitness knowledge but also has expertise in the field of nutrition. He has an awareness of mental health that I have never previously known in the fitness sector and for this alone I am hugely grateful to him. I will continue to train with Jason as he is also able to provide a programme of work that compliments my other training extremely well.


I am a 52-year-old woman with two children and three grandchildren. My health journey has been a series of challenges, starting at just three months old when my kidneys collapsed. The hurdles continued with my first pregnancy, where I experienced pre-eclampsia. Despite various attempts with diets and gym memberships, weight management remained elusive. Additionally, I battled sciatica, leading to two slipped discs and a period of reliance on crutches before a successful operation. However, my mobility never fully recovered.

In 2020, I faced another setback when I was diagnosed with diabetes, initially managed with tablets. Simultaneously, my kidney function began to decline, reaching stage 3 kidney disease. It was during this time that I encountered Jason, who shared news about the opening of “T-Fit.” Intrigued, I decided to join, and it has proven to be a transformative experience.

Commencing on August 21st, my husband and I embraced this new fitness journey. The results have been remarkable – both of us shedding over a stone in weight, and our overall health statistics showing significant improvement. Recently, my diabetes nurse delivered uplifting news – my diabetes levels have decreased to the point where discontinuing tablets is a possibility, and my kidney function has shown positive progress.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Jason for his guidance and support. Our commitment to “T-Fit” sees us attending three to four times a week. The camaraderie within the group is incredible; we have forged meaningful friendships and established a robust support system. Jason’s initiative has not only enhanced our physical well-being but has also created a community where encouragement and shared victories abound. My husband and I are truly thankful for the positive impact “T-Fit” has had on our lives, both individually and as a couple.


I was introduced to Jason to help my mental health after I lost my husband very suddenly. With two young children at home I needed to do something for myself and my sessions with Jason became my therapy. I have lost over two stone and my whole body appearance has changed dramatically since we embarked on lifting heavy and focusing on my nutrition with more protein. By ‘trusting the process’ have seen dramatic physical changes and I am thrilled! Jason always has my best interests at heart, each session is catered to my ability and goals and no session is ever the same.


Jason has been my trainer for over a year now and his experience, knowledge, and support have played a crucial role in my fitness journey. I have lost 2 stone, am fitter, and stronger and I leave each session feeling empowered and motivated!
Jason’s dedication to providing varied and motivating workouts has made a significant impact on my overall well-being. I am so grateful to him for all his continued support – without a doubt the best trainer!

Mark and Michelle

We highly recommend Jason at T-Fit.
We joined T-Fit training back in end of October. Mainly due to wife going through the menopause and not happy that she had put on some weight, I had been on the large size for a while and we both wanted to get fit and loose some weight and get into shape. Both being self conscious and new to training in a dedicated gym we were unsure what to expect. We didn’t need to worry, Jason is very good at tailoring the sessions to individual needs and doesn’t judge and makes each session fun. Each session has mixed abilities so it quickly puts you at ease. From being in a position of not going to a gym, we now go twice per week and considering 3 times.


New to T-Fit?

To kickstart your fitness journey with us and ensure that our sessions align perfectly with your goals, we recommend starting with a consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your fitness objectives, assess your current fitness level, and provide personalised guidance. It’s the ideal way to get to know us and for us to get to know you. Ready to get started? Book your consultation today, and let’s work together to achieve your fitness aspirations.

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